Determined Cadence

The upcoming submission period is TBD.

While Comicadia does not have an open submission policy, we encourage future applicants to make themselves noticeable in our existing community outside of annual submission periods. You never know if we might send out a special invite to someone who catches our eye. A great way to get yourself noticed is to pop into our discord community to share your work and engage in general discussion.

Comicadia encourages ambitious creators who want to go beyond just doing a webcomic and passively displaying a banner on their website. We prioritize creators who bring new ideas and resources to the table and are willing to put in work on building up the community in some aspect, whether it is engaging in the monthly MAX rounds, or contributing articles and tutorials to Under the Ink. We're always on the lookout for additional skill sets that could help bolster our ranks and aid in developing features for the larger webcomic scene.

Submission Requirements

We require the following for any Comicadia submission during the submission period:

A submission package that covers the following:

  • A title and link to the comic, obviously, with a list of all people attached to the creation of the comic including contact information
  • 5 - 10 sample comics
  • An outline of an upcoming couple months of material (brief)
  • Why did you and your team decide to make a webcomic?
  • What are your aspirations for your webcomic?
  • Why do you want to be a member of Comicadia?
  • What is one improvement or suggestion you have for Comicadia or the webcomic community as a whole?
  • Were you referred by an existing member of Comicadia?

Packets should be in .docx, PDF, .RTF forms. A Google Doc is acceptable as well.

Comicadia Membership Requirements

Comicadia members are required to:

  • Display appropriate and unobtrusive Comicadia branding on their webcomic site
  • Display at least one of the network's ads
  • Participate in good faith with the community
  • Respond to monthly member discussion/catch up

Submission Process

Your submission requires the following to move into the applicant pool:

  • e-mail your submission package to with the subject "Submission"
  • Fill out this Submission Agreement

Failure to follow this process may result in your submission being missed or moved aside in the submission review process. Voting and interviews will occur throughout the month of November. Good luck!