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Race/Species: Rabbit Spirit
Hair: Silver
Eye Colour: Red
Height: 5' 6"
Owned by: Modesty
Webcomic: None
He was adopted by Kimiko and Ryuu when they first moved to America. They found him abandoned by the local deities. Kichiro grew up a hard worker and voracious student. Eventually, he was "replaced" by Jiro. He still considers them his family, but has not ignored the fact that he could rule if he wins this game. To emulate his adoptive parents, Kichiro dresses in Chinese or Japanese style clothes. (Currently mostly Japanese). The glasses are mostly for looks and speed reading. Puns are his favorite thing besides tea. Also, totes vegetarian. He has a bunny form which is kind of anthro looking. And although you can't see it in much of my art, the dude does have a tail.


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By: Tahkyn2

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