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Race/Species: Anthro Wolf
Age: 41
Hair: uh
Eye Colour: Icy blue
Height: 2.5 meters
Weight: ?
Owned by: LogicalBreak
Webcomic: None
Justís is the Royal Executioner for her kingdom and her king, which means she delivers death sentences to those that have avoided capture or escaped. She only takes order directly from the king, and what she does is His responsibility. This is mostly to prevent abuse of the ability to kill someone who hasn't been on trial. Justís has always lived in the main city and has been in the military from a young age because of a general who saved her when she was younger, and after 20 years of loyal service has been given an very mighty position, at age 41. Most aren't aware of her ice magic, as it manifested quite late and that she has deliberately hidden it (magic is not seen as a good thing in the current age). Justís is also not her real name, but a nickname given by the same general who saved her. From being in a very militaristic kingdom, bad family relationship and developing magical abilities, Justís keeps herself distant from most other and mostly focuses at her job. She holds the ideal of justice highly, but values the general safety of citizen and society over having a fair trial, which is why she suggested the position. That doesn't mean she doesn't believe in having fair trials; she's just willing to kill someone who is clearly dangerous, even if they haven't had a trial. http://fav.me/dbgx409


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By: lunarqueer

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