by Allison Myres artist of My Hero!

Mark Haskell

Character Details:

Race/Species: Human (???)
Age: 18
Hair: black
Eye Colour: ???
Height: average
Weight: average
Owned by: dustydells
Webcomic: None
comic: (note: interactive to the point where the audience can converse with MC) Mark would be a very ordinary person if it weren't for the mask that has been fused to his face for the past 10 years or so. The side effects of this include the following: hindered breathing, inexplicable antlers, haunting via partially sentient, vaguely hostile ghost, and all conceivable difficulties from having a piece of metal stuck to one's face 24/7. This circumstance has caused his life to be very off balance, and he has allowed his personality to suffer for the past decade. His current goal is to investigate the nature of the mask (having simply found it on the ground, he knows nothing about its origins) and find a way to remove it. some general traits/flaws: -self-absorbed, somewhat self-deprecating -intrinsically careless, but careful when he feels like it -curates his first impressions with people but is a very bad friend (seen in the way he technically dresses nicely, but seems to subconsciously revert to a slovenly state) -can do without other people, but for his own sake really shouldn't -perpetually uncomfortable


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