Kai Heiter

Character Details:

Race/Species: Human
Age: Anti-aged
Hair: Pale blond
Eye Colour: Pale blue
Height: 183cm
Weight: 74kg
Owned by: FK
Webcomic: None
Character falling in the category of "a German mad scientist". He's a multiverse and reused character, but the description is roughly the same: researcher in biochemistry, always wearing white and his labcoat, professor at university, mostly comic character. In the Fed!FERU universe, he is asked to help in various investigations but even the serious MT throws jokes at his face. In the various White team stories from which he originates, he leads a team of crazy scientists, promotes junk food as his healthy diet, spending time playing Scrabble, survive to some poisonous cooking from a fellow member of his team, teaching at university while being worshipped by fan!students (after all he's handsome), trying to prove that geniuses don't lose... to cats and other tagged human rivals, doing crazy stuff in his (?!?) lab and ending up in stupid situations. Holidays/event themes (Halloween, Christmas, ...) not accepted


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By: Phinmagic
By: Tahkyn2

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