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Race/Species: Human
Age: 21
Hair: White. Hairstyle is like Elyon's from WITCH, just a lil bit shorter
Eye Colour: Grey
Height: 1.68m
Weight: 52kg
Webcomic: None
Aria is a dancer by day and a fighter by night. Born in the streets, she raised to the top only to destroy it; a revolutionary, and a tactician. A brilliant mind, but one that is too filled with hatred and trauma to function properly, which is slowly turning her into an addict. More facts no one asked for: She fights as if she was dancing; says it's just her style but actually just loves showing off. You literally can't tell if she's joking or not. She constantly revises her own ideas, which makes her look inconsistent, but she just wants to be sure that what she's doing is right. Loves cat. Wants to be a cat. Is a cat, kind of. Speaks even more lenguages than Zahira, which pisses the fuck out of her. Is way too hard on other people. Loves modern day remixes of classical music. And orchestra versions of disco. INTJ-T / Lawful Evil.


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By: Snarkclaw

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