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Race/Species: Mermaid/Human
Age: 18
Hair: Long, dark blue hair
Eye Colour: cian blue
Height: 1.63m
Weight: 57kg
Webcomic: None
A deceiving mermaid of captivating nature; she can be sweet, or bitter, or whatever the man she's stalking likes the most. She has never liked one of them back, though. She loves women, and that's why she tries not to go after them. But she always ends up giving in to her nature and killing them anyway. She's beautiful, smart, charming... and egoistical, and toxic. And she hates herself for it, but she can't stop. more stuff no one asked for: Huge nerd. Of anything. Arts, science, whatever. Loves discussing how physics would apply to superheros. Also politics. She doesn't speak until she knows the subject, but once she makes up her mind she just won't change it. Adrenaline slut: would do anything for a rush. Speaks like, a lot of lenguages. Is borderline. May act like a fucking child. Often. Cries a lot. INTP-T / Chaotic Neutral


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