by Allison Myres artist of My Hero!

Lungile Oghenekaro

Character Details:

Race/Species: Human, Walungan
Age: 28
Hair: none
Eye Colour: Dark Brown
Height: 5'9''
Weight: Average
Owned by: Kossilar
Webcomic: None
Lungile is a desert dweller with skin the color of ripe olives. He is tall, muscular and keeps the top of his head clean shaven. His eyes are dark brown and his hands are worn, as if from hard labour. His face is covered with a thick, curly, four inch beard streaked with grey. His right ear is pierced with three painted silver rings: one red, another blue and the last brown. He moves with purpose and grace but usually seems ill at ease, even in familiar surroundings. When around those he feels comfortable with he is quick to laugh and joke; but the melancholy of his purpose can sometimes overwhelm him. While traveling, Lungile wraps his body in the free flowing robes of his order and wears thick camel leather sandals. He wears Phaucamagar in a scabbard slung over his shoulders. The weapon is wrapped in cloth to conceal it from casual observation. The palm of his left hand is badly scarred, as though it has been cut several times by a sharp blade.


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