by Allison Myres artist of My Hero!


Character Details:

Race/Species: Human
Age: 7
Hair: Red
Eye Colour: Green
Height: 3'2
Owned by: Hawk
Webcomic: Culture Shock
Bio: Sunny Pratt is a brilliant young girl living a dark secret life. Outwardly she is a somewhat troubled little genius who excels in academics, participates in Girl Scouts, and is learning to play the piano. But behind her carefully crafted facade, she's a ruthless computer hacker who has assembled a nefarious team of cyber-terrorists with the sole purpose of destroying the world's more powerful communications company. She's a stubborn, determined little fireball. Because she sees adults as her peers instead of her elders, she acts like an adult most of the time. Still, there's a little girl inside that longs for affection and the security of parental care. This side of her does not surface very much. Sunny has a fascination with cats and kittens.


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By: Tahkyn2
By: Ghost
By: ErinPtah

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