Angelina Cobalt

Character Details:

Race/Species: Human(?)
Age: 26
Hair: Black with green highlight
Eye Colour: Vibrant light green, dark blue shadows and yellow hightlights
Height: 198 cm
Weight: ?
Owned by: LogicalBreak
Webcomic: None
Angelina is the princess and the heir to the Cobalt Empire, one of many empires stuck in an eternal back and forth on their continent. The Cobalts largely keep to themselves and is considered the most powerful empire if not also the smallest. Their current position is mostly because of Darius Cobalt, Angelinas father and current King. Darius is heavily protective of most Cobalts and especially his own family, so most people only ever see fully clad soldier and Angelina, who Darius does not seem to worry about nearly as much. Angelina is therefor easily the most mysterious public person there, with a lot of suspicions as to why she doesn't use magic, why she's so good with a sword without being a weapon eye (i.e. have weapon magic), what happened to half of her face and why she has such a strange green tone. Angelina herself mostly acts cold to strangers, strict older sister to other Cobalts and only lights up with her immediate family. She is very quiet, but takes a lot of pride in her skills, temperament and role, and can get angry if those things are questioned without reason. She also can get annoyed with people who boast about their skill without proving anything, but if they do prove being as strong as they say she respects them. Angelina also never appears to anyone with any skin exposed besides the (her) left half of face. She's very self conscious about what she looks like underneath. More info


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