Character Details:

Race/Species: Extra-terrestrial
Age: Unknown
Hair: Black
Eye Colour: Brown
Height: 5'4
Owned by: dot-chan
Webcomic: None
Nasu tends to wear her incredibly spiky hair halfway down her back, tied back loosely in a low ponytail, but she has also been seen with a very short pixie cut; either way, her bangs point in every direction at once and is practically impossible to tame even with an entire can's worth of hair product.

All that is known about her for certain is that she is a lackey for a space-faring race of mercenaries who style themselves as hated enemies of another functionally identical, if not genetically similar, species; she is tight-lipped about everything else. It is entirely possible that even she is unaware of her own past.

- Mikazuki (husband's mistress in an alternate universe)


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