[Redacted] Android No. 7-3-10-361, Legal Name Samui Namida

Character Details:

Race/Species: Android
Age: 23
Hair: Lime green
Eye Colour: Grey
Height: 5'6
Owned by: dot-chan
Webcomic: None
Samui wears her hair in the classic Audry Hepburn pixie cut, except she's let her bangs grow long and parted down the middle. Very occasionally she doesn't bother with getting haircuts and it goes a little hobo-y, but she's since gotten more diligent about regular visits to a barber and/or stylist.

Samui was designed to be an emotionless killing machine, but she escaped from her creators when her artificial intelligence proved more robust than they had given her credit for and she realized that it was unequivocally wrong to be an indiscriminate murderer acting at the whims of morally dubious masters. She now works as a plainclothes officer for an interstellar, inter-dimensional police organization known as the Space-Time Regulation Agency alongside her husband Talon.

Meanwhile, in an alternate universe, a different Samui lost everything, including what little sanity she'd had while serving as what turned out to be a black ops agent for some very unsavory people, but a series of bizarre and improbable events has brought her under the wing of one Adam Anderson for some much needed perspective and maturity...

- Shelly (mentor)


Other art

By: Modesty

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