by David Davis artist of Cosmic Dash

Belinda Wittman

Character Details:

Race/Species: Human
Age: Early- to Mid-Twenties
Hair: Strawberry blonde
Eye Colour: Blue (natural), green (with contact)
Height: 5'8
Owned by: dot-chan
Webcomic: None
Belinda wears her hair loosely and about shoulder length, swept back from the forehead and held there with a ribbon-decorated headband, except for two long strands that she uses to frame her face.

Though she thinks herself the protagonist of her story, Belinda's more the type one would be inclined to enthusiastically root against, as a bizarre and improbable set of circumstances has made it so she has coasted through life getting her way without her worldview getting challenged in any serious manner. If you so happen to align with her desires of getting her way, lucky you. If not, she would have no qualms with metaphorically stabbing you in the back, or literally doing the deed if she thought she could get away with it.

- Currently off in her own little corner being a high-functioning sociopath, maybe classmates with Athena?


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