by Deft Beck artist of The Bekkoning

Murasame Hisako

Character Details:

Race/Species: Human
Age: 14
Hair: Dark green
Eye Colour: Navy blue
Height: 4'4
Owned by: dot-chan
Webcomic: None
A character made for what would have been a series of post-apocalyptic alternate universes, but the idea never got very far past the planning stage.

Hisako wears her hair in a bowl cut and forehead-length bangs.

The emotionally unstable Japanese-American pilot of an experimental giant robot created to fight creatures so alien it drives those who even look upon such creatures irrevocably insane, once thought to be lost along with her machine when it disappeared during an activation test, but reemerged unexpectedly during the fight against a fearsome foe, Hisako was put into custody immediately afterward and kept on a very short leash.


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