by David Davis artist of RGBots


Character Details:

Race/Species: Half-One Kind of Alien, Half-Another
Age: Vague Young Adult
Hair: Dark blue
Eye Colour: Navy blue
Owned by: dot-chan
Webcomic: None
Mikazuki tends to wear her hair long and split down the middle with no bangs; her hair is too silky and straight to hold any kind of style for very long.

In a distant corner of the universe not touched by the genocide of her people elsewhere, Mikazuki's father left behind his noble name, prestige and wealth in order to elope with the woman who would eventually become her mother because she, both as a foreigner and a member of the social underclass, was seen as an unsuitable partner. Despite growing up ostracized by both her father's people and her mother's, Mikazuki has retained a gentle and kind soul who thinks the best of others.


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