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Race/Species: Spring Elf/Fae
Age: Ancient. Looks around 30ish.
Hair: White
Eye Colour: Light blue
Height: 6'5
Weight: Fit
Owned by: Hallowrook
Webcomic: None
Personality: Elegant, eloquent, intelligent, dignified, graceful and refined. Prominent features: Albinism, long white eyelashes. Tends to wear Victorian suits or tribal wear. Pale skin. Evariste is a cannibalistic spring fae prince who was forcefully betrothed to a malicious fae princess. He's a man of caustic nature and cold, detached personality, due to a neglectful upbringing and pressure of his social standing. He’s self-conscious of his appearance and image, being aware of his stark contrast to the rest of his red-haired family members. Constantly overlooked by his family and peers, he finds solace in keeping a secretive disposition and withholds all thoughts and opinions to himself.


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