Su Zhongwu

Character Details:

Race/Species: Fox Spirit
Age: 600-700 (Looks around in early twenties)
Hair: Dark Grey
Eye Colour: Gold
Height: 5'8
Weight: Fit
Owned by: Hallowrook
Webcomic: None
Skin: Grey. Black at his arms and feet. Prominent Features: Two moles under right eye, black ears, various scars around his torso and thighs. Coils of thorny vines tattoos around his right bicep. Five tails. Not necessary to draw his five fox tails and feel free to put him in any punkish outfits or Chinese hanfu clothing. Unlike the Japanese Kitsune and Korean Kumiho, Zhongwu is a fox spirit (huli jing) of Chinese origin and does not subject himself wholly to depravity and amoral actions. Rather, Zhongwu, like most huli jing, possesses ambiguous morality and prefer to operate within ‘grey moral’ alignments. While wearing his human appearance, he appears to be a regular 24-year old Chinese man with long, wavy black hair and fair skin, dressed in punk-like outfits. Yet his golden eyes and slightly vulpine facial features may betray his true nature, though most ordinary people pass it off as a trick of the eye or something imperceivable. He sports two under his right eye and one under his left eye. His frame is of lean, athletic build.


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