Delores Cody

Character Details:

Race/Species: Human
Age: 20
Hair: None/Brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Height: 5'8
Owned by: Kota
Delores has a rebellious streak when it comes to authority and doesn’t get along well with other mages. She has a level of world weariness about her and is usually looking for the trap in any situation. Because of this general distrust she has quietly become an expert in counter-spells and trap detection. She is still in her early stages of magical development and her strength is increasing. After being sent to the Everywhen, Delores has become a much more powerful magic user and has taken the role of the May Queen. She is now the ruler of Tir Na Nog and has returned with Terry to the real world to help defend her new home. She and Terry have finally begun a relationship.


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By: Mharz
By: zeitghost

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