Terry Lingal

Character Details:

Race/Species: Human
Age: 21
Hair: Black
Eye Colour: Black
Height: 6'4
Owned by: Kota
Terry is an idealistic young man trying to live up to his father’s name and his own standards. He is somewhat naive, head strong, friendly, and usually optimistic. He has an extremely developed since of justice and will help anyone in need. He is rare among knights in that, if there is a nonviolent solution to a problem he will take it. Terry’s strength is abnormally high as is his durability. He views his miraculous feats as easily explained and plays them down. It was recently revealed that he is a mage. Unknown to him, he has been casting spells to augment himself all this time. He likes to think the best of people until proven wrong. Terry is steadfast in his beliefs, but will accept the facts and apologize if necessary when proven wrong. Terry is now the uncrowned Oak King of Tir Na Nog.


Other art

By: Tahkyn2
By: Novasiri

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