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Adventures on the internet!
Genres: AdventureComedySci-Fi


Kota’s World originally ran from 2000 to 2005 and was created by Kevin Hayman. Additional material was provided by Barry Jackson, Paul Hamblin, Steve Davis, Warren Hogue, and Mike Rutherford.

The series is about Disasterboy, Inc., founded by Kota. They’re a group of troubleshooters on a stylized version of the web as they fight viruses, evil search engines, self styled super villains, and the hands of fate.

The history of this version of the web involves a group called the Forerunners. Online, they could create anything. They were divided into the Dor’ad: the Builders, the Cor’am: the Scholars, and the Isha’el: the Warriors. Eventually a new group would become known. These were the O’tan. The O’tan, unlike the Forerunners and their ability to build, channeled entropy. All they touch they destroy. They started out as servants of the Forerunners but eventually would over throw them. The Forerunners fled to private servers and would plot to retake their home. The O’tan would eventually be all but wiped out themselves by a surviving Isha’el.

During all of this, one child called Geebo would deliver a prophecy. The last of the O’tan would come and he would be the Disasterboy. He would essentially level the playing field. That’s where Keith comes in.

I’ll be the first to admit that this all sounds over the top for an internet based comic but, well, this was the old days.

Themes: Adult LanguageAlcohol UseAnime-inspiredBloodCartoon ViolenceCrude HumourHumourImplied Sexual ContentMagic