Comicadia Mentorship Program

A program meant to foster webcomic talent with dedicated support and feedback that can, potentially, lead to a creator’s inclusion to Comicadia as a full voting member.

Current Mentorship Program Participant

Our current participating mentorship program comic is Jack Legend.

The Legend family has a grand legacy that goes on for generations. Each member of the family had a mastery of a trade, craft, field, or area of expertise. Warriors, artists, inventors, leaders, and many more made up this family. Lately, they’ve been silent, but rumor has it, that one member of the family lives on…

Join Jack Legend and his furry gang as he is cast into a world of adventure, in a quest to find his greatness! A little bit of comedy, a little bit of action, some cute characters, and adventure galore!

What does the creator gain?

This program is an attempt to put a creator “over the edge” regarding their webcomic as the Comicadia community recognizes a great deal of potential in the work and seeks to provide feedback and development assistance to the creator of the comic. The creator is given trial membership to Comicadia for a year with non-voting benefits during which time they have exclusive access to the creators at Comicadia for feedback and assistance. Comicadia membership privileges they will have access to include, but are not limited to: inclusion on the main page and promotion, Discord access and status, ad-system perks, and archiving in the Comicadia Mentorship program listing.

What does Comicadia gain?

There are two benefits to Comicadia that are readily apparent; the first is that Comicadia is helping to shape and guide a comic that has been recognized for its concepts and potential. This allows Comicadia to work directly with a creator to help develop a webcomic that is well received, but may have developmental issues that otherwise make its inclusion into the collective a difficult prospect. Secondly, this mentorship program serves as a solid public-relations boon to Comicadia and an alternative to multiple submission periods throughout the year. Comicadia can be known as the collective that actually helps develop and foster talent, not just judge it.

How does it work?

The Comicadia Mentorship Program is a one year term that features benefits as addressed at various points above.

The mentorship is comprised of three parties. Party one is the creator, or “mentee.” Party two are two volunteer-mentors, who will work specifically with the creator as their primary guides to comic-craft. Party three is a committee of five voting members who form the final decisions of the milestones the mentee’s comic should reach for full-membership, and will conduct the final year-end acceptance vote. No member of party two can be involved in party three.

Party three members are not entirely hands off, they are welcome to address concerns about the mentee comic to be relayed through the mentors to the mentee as to not overwhelm the mentee with feedback.

The vote

On the vote day, the mentors and mentee will make their case for the full inclusion of the comic, based on the conditions outlined by the voting committee before the process begins. If conditions are met, barring any extraneous circumstances, the program should be completed and the vote should be held. If the vote for inclusion is a majority vote, in favor, the mentee is granted full membership in Comicadia with voting privileges, and they are no longer listed as a trial member. If the committee votes majority no, the membership trial is ended, the creator has access to what should have been a year of solid support, and their comic is removed from the majority of the site/benefits. However, their comic will continue to be listed in the Mentorship archive as an ongoing form of documentation for the webcomic community to observe our hands-on approach.