Comicadia Network

Comicadia Network links coming soon. Until then, please enjoy this brief overview of upcoming projects in development. Note that order listed on this page does not indicate the current developmental status of these projects.


MAX is a monthly, automated art exchange that assigns participants for that round an artist who they must draw for, while simultaneously having someone draw for them. In a lot of ways it is like a Secret Santa art exchange on a monthly basis: you get tasked to draw for someone in the round while someone else draws something for you. Furthermore, through the automation, you are not likely to get the same person as often as the pool of artists expands from round to round.

Please visit the existing MAX page for current information. More details will be made available soon as MAX is the first of the major Comicadia initatives.

Comicadia Presents

Comicadia Presents is an exciting short-form webcomic anthology initiative that pays creators to run their work in Comicadia Presents.

The Comicadia Herald

The Comicadia Herald is am ambitious new approach to webcomics journalism with an emphasis on egalitarian presentations of creators and their works.

Comicadia Podcast

Currently untitled, the Comicadia Podcast is a sub-project of The Comicadia Herald.

Webcomic Sandbox

More details within the next few months.


More details within the next few months.