by David Davis artist of Cosmic Dash


The Bekkoning Premieres on Comicadia Worlds!
Post By: DeftBeck
Date: 17th Jun, 2019
The Bekkoning debuts on Comicadia Worlds, a new subsite that showcases new standalone comics from Comicadia creators!Androids dominate the far-future city of Verloren. They live their endless lives battery-charge to battery-charge, unsure if their next day will be their last. One day, a scavenger ...
Phineus Returns in 2019!
Post By: Phinmagic
Date: 31st Dec, 2018
Big, bold new stuff is coming in the new year!Phineus returns to weekly updates, in January, along side it's sequel, Magician for Hire.While Magician for Hire follows the adventures of Cole Beam in 2036, Phineus follws her parents and their associates in the present. There's lots of fun ...
Princess Reaper Comes Flying In!
Post By: Dojo
Date: 4th Dec, 2018
We are finally ready to announce our second comic accepted into our warm arms during this last submission period, Princess Reaper!After her father's soul has gone to rest, the bubbly Princess Moira inherits the Afterlife's throne. As one of her sworn duties, she also learns how to become the next ...
Stasis/Wake enters the Comicadia ring!
Post By: Dojo
Date: 19th Nov, 2018
It has been a long and difficult voting process, but Comicadia is very excited to finally announce the first of the three comics accepted during this first submission period, Stasis/Wake:At the advent of deep space exploration, scientist Ria discovers that she can communicate to the dead thro...
MAX Round 7 in Complete! Also: A little bit about Color Theory
Post By: Hawk
Date: 15th Nov, 2018
Backgrounds aren't specifically required for your MAX submission, but I just wanted to point out how great the picture looks when you include one.  LogicalBreak's picture of Skye Zhen for Tahkyn2 has a TERRIFIC background, and its carefully arranged perspective adds punch to the entire pictur...
Cosmic Dash Vol. 1: Now Available
Post By: hpkomic
Date: 31st Oct, 2018
Cosmic Dash Vol. 1, comprising the first three issues of the comic and three mini comics, is now available courtesy of Jarlidium Press. The collection is 124 full-color pages and retails for only $25!Also, I will mail, free of charge, sketchcards to anyone who buys the book, so get your great coll...
Terra hits 400 pages!
Post By: Holly
Date: 18th Oct, 2018
p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica} This week's update marks 400 pages and nearly 10 completed chapters! I honestly didn't know what I was getting into when I started Terra, I had little idea what webcomics were and barely knew how to color digitally. I've learn...
MAX Round 6 is Complete!
Post By: Hawk
Date: 17th Oct, 2018
You can't ignore the sheer effort that went into this picture of Dojo's characters by Lightfoot.  It isn't just the fact that there are five of them there, but they were implemented in a creative composition with nice little touches to each character.  Excellent work, Lightfoot.  MA...