Stories that Will Spook

Stories that Will Spook

Welcome to the first spotlight of comics developed by the Learning Comics program. Please read about our affiliation with the program in this Comicadia Herald article.

This is a spotlight of work produced by students prior to joining the program. We wanted to provide a place to read their work and we’ll be rolling out this batch of stories over the next few weeks. Based on the stories we’re showing off in this batch, we are excited to see what the students deliver throughout the program. You can visit the server and directly speak to the students as well.

This cover, parodying the style of Tales from the Crypt, is thematically appropriate because of the weird and sometimes creepy nature of some of these comics. The cover was illustrated by Jamil Gonzalez, colored by Ghost, and the layout was developed by David Davis.

Please enjoy these 7 stories in this collection and please leave comments and feedback for the creators. They deserve it.

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