Welcome to Comicadia Worlds

Comicadia Worlds is an exciting anthology project created by the talented members of the Comicadia Webcomic Collective. This project is the first collective-wide, ongoing anthology webcomic on the internet. Our contributors are members of the existing group of creators under Comicadia membership.

This anthology features different comics from the normal list of comics available on Comicadia.com. Some of these comics may be like pilot episodes to other potential series, or simple one-shots, or even bold new collaborations between your favorite creators and other guests.

Due to the nature of the anthology concept, ratings between comics may vary, so be warned. Before diving into a current story, you should view Cadence’s introduction for general information.

Who is Cadence?

Cadence is a webcomic faun who has been collecting all sorts of great comics that she shares here. Cadence is the mascot of the Comicadia collective.


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